Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We caught colds and got videos

One of the things we were excited about was living an instant-entertainment life here. Tom grew up in a virtually TV-free house and my parents intermittently had us taking a year or so off from it. I gotta tellya though, nothing brings me more joy that watching, say, an entire season of Madmen, Dexter, The Sarah Silverman Program, The Wire, Arrested Development or Weeds in one sitting.

We all like a movie, right? What a disappointment when it’s over in only two short hours. But a whole season, why take some breaks for snacking and call it a weekend! Anyway, we’ve both been reading a lot since we got here and commenting how peaceful a tv-free life is.

That is until we got sick. Tom caught a cold last Friday. I’m concerned his new office could have ventilation or mold problems. Although we’ve been using public transit and under some stress, so there are lots of explanations. Now I have it too and what a great excuse to march us right to the video store up the street and get a membership that allows us to take out three movies at a time. Joy of joys! We’ve been focusing on Australian movies for the um “educational cultural components”. So far we’ve seen Picnic at Hanging Rock, Chopper, The Nugget, Three Dollars, The Proposition and The Castle. Though they were all watchable, the last two are quite good.

We're getting better, as evidenced by our outing to Ikea tonight, though we scarcely got down a shared child-sized meatballs dinner. Will keep you posted as to how the movie-mania goes, whether it subsides or gets momentum. It doesn't really count as putting ourselves out there socially that the video store clerk now knows us by name, I know, I know...

Though it wasn't our favorite, Three Dollars had a montage featuring this this song by Allison Krauss.

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  1. Flights of the conchords new season starts this Sunday here...awwwwwwwww I miss you!