Friday, January 16, 2009

Technical difficulties

Christine's laptop isn't charging anymore and we think that either her power cord is broken or the motherboard isn't connected to the power jack anymore. Talk about not knowing the worth of water until the well is dry! Without a computer we've been living like savages. Christine briefly considered using a phonebook today. There was also discussion of there being a non-online version of classified ads in "newspapers".

I don't know the whole story yet but the phone company finally came to our house to give us phone/internet service. It's possible we may have fried our US phone though by not using a voltage converter (the second such electronic casualty along those lines I think, I'm sure there'll be more). I don't think we actually have internet though and Christine vaguely mentioned something about losing it after they said she had to wait around all day Saturday too now.

Oh and we still don't have a fridge. To keep things cool, we bought some bags of ice... Christine's now MacGyvered the dish washer to serve as our ice box. I have an ice maker at work and we've been eying the possibility of loading up a burro with ice wrapped in banana leaves to bring home, a la Mosquito Coast.

Good news though, we did buy a cheepie camera a Canon powershot somethingorother. So hopefully we should be getting more pictures up here soon. When I last checked the card Christine had done a photo shoot off the balcony of some little yip dog that lives right below us.

This weekend I think we're going to a "TED Melbourne" event. Hopefully this link comes through ok. Or maybe try this one. It's a day at the local university where they screen TED lectures and then discuss them and also have live lectures too. They're expecting 100-300 people? Neat stuff.


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