Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I suspect Christine believes that I have a damaged flavor palette. I guess the particular tastes/flavor combinations that I enjoy are unusual. She also says I have atrocious table manners (she has been particularly appalled at my new habit of emphasizing words by stabbing my knife in the air). Such must be the curse of every wife... But I digress...

I used to be nuts of Patak's Chili Relish, this stuff right here:

It's a very powerful taste but it somehow resonated with me. If I was eating something and didn't like the taste of it, there was nothing that a slathering of relish couldn't cure. Christine bought me a case of 18 jars about a year and a half ago and I only had one left when I left Portland.

So my new thing, and I suppose it's a shame it's not something more social like a bottle of wine, has been Vegemite, sometimes called Marmite.

I first had it on our honeymoon in New Zealand, so maybe there's an element of imprinting. But again, it's an overpowering savory taste (not unlike beef bullion) that you can add to anything to mask whatever the original flavor was. When we first got here we bought a 150 gram tube of it (labeled as 30 servings, and let me say I'm impressed with what they call a serving; a little dot on a cracker is enough to have me satisfied... they must be shellacking both sides of a piece of toast). Tonight I bought the 600 gram tub. It smacks a bit of graduating from snorting to mainlining. What can I say, it's my weakness.



  1. Oooh...I hear Vegemite is prettttty nasty! Good thing they don't sell it over here. :)

    <3, danielle k., from yelp!

  2. Wars have nearly started over the taste of Vegemite, NZ Marmite and UK Marmite.

    All I can say is that I wont kiss my hubby if he has eaten any of them until he cleans his teeth - urghhh!

  3. Another thing to consider is when you go to their webpage, they have a lot of discussion about how it's "healthy for kids". That right there is probably a red flag.

    Not healthy for adults? Or just so horrible tasting that it could only be forced upon innocent children?

    cf castor oil- notorious taste apparently fed to children by the bucketful (at least in the cartoons). If it's so good for me, why have I never had castor oil as an adult?

  4. Mmmm. I remember that Australian butter was unsalted... and a thin scraping of Vegemite over the top of it, on bread, was delightful for tea. (Of course, that didn't actually stop me from also devouring entirely too many scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam, as well...)