Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Australia Day (and month!)

Yesterday was Australia Day, and also our one month anniversary of arriving here in Melbourne. 

We were invited to a BBQ, where we had delicious kangaroo tips, sausage, kabobs, pasta salad, cake and ice cream.  It was great to see other Portlandians and a Canadian.  I feel part Canadian after all my time in Kingston for school last year - what a treat to talk with people who can understand us and who we understand!  When we were getting ready to sell the house last fall, we talked about moving into a short term apartment rental so it was easier to show the house/keep it clean/etc.  One of the places we looked at was owned by a young guy who works for Columbia Sportwear and who was transferred to Melbourne. His mom showed us the place and we'd never met him until we ended up here, where we popped by his store to say hello.  Anyway, all of the family and guests were delightful.  Tom got invited to go camping with the guys though we'll have to see if he's studied up on all his lethal snake and insect protocols by then. 

We got home just in time for the fireworks. 

I just start laughing every time we walk through our front door as to how great the views are from the apartment.  We were talking about what we like about art at dinner the other night and Tom said that he appreciates being able to look at something differently each time, to see layers and innuendos behind the overt.  Well that describes our balcony completely!  You can continue to discover Melbourne indefinitely from this vantage point. 

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