Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Little Fish

The other day, I was asking the clerk from the video store down the street to recommend some Australian movies.  He laughed and said there was another customer, a bloke, who comes in and is also watching all the Aussie titles.  

After so many years of being single, my little ears perk up...habit..."A man who loves movies and is on the same quest as me?"  Then my mind plays out the storyline of Sleepless in Seattle, the destiny of soulmates meeting, shuffle, shuffle, buffalo, jazz hands, and a big finish.  All this is a mere moment. 

I snap back into present time, describe Tom to him.  He's the bloke. Sunset, happy ending.

This is from "Little Fish" filmed in Sydney.  Kate Blanchett is a month older than me.  I think the contrast is quite noticable.

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