Friday, January 30, 2009

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Too Hot for TV: PETA's Banned Ads

When we were India a few months ago, we were shocked by the number of stray, starving dogs. In Bangalore, for example, one of my hosts joked that you could "throw a rock and hit a software engineer or dog". Funny.

The big thing in Australia is hybrid, or "designer" dog breeding. They're cute, and apparently saner and less prone to health problems, but it makes me wonder if an Aussiedoodle, Bichapoo, Chi-Chi, Dorki (there's a whole alphabet) is what the world really needs?

We don't see many stray dogs here, but there are certainly shelters full of them being euthanized every day.

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  1. Oh, boy do we have opinions about that. Honestly, the very BEST breed for hybrid vigor is the dog that has bred him/herself. Street dogs all end up looking vaguely dingo-ish, once humans leave the picture: upright ears that aren't prone to infection, good stance not predisposed to orthopedic problems, short hair-coat resistant to ticks and skin not predisposed to disease, gut able to digest most things, almost no predilection for weird inherited diseases, and very, very smart.

    The "designer breed" dogs that I've seen have all, bar none, had several of the WORST characteristics of both parent breeds -- and they were all crazy, to boot.

    Gimme a healthy, good-natured mutt any day!