Monday, February 22, 2010

Winner again

I'm subscribed to a email list/blog "Mel Hot or Not", that every day or two posts a review of some restaurant or event around Melbourne. It's a thumbs up/thumbs down system, although I have to say that it's 95% thumbs up. I have to believe that there's a counter balance somewhere out in the world that's 95% thumbs down, a blog with the mission to expose Melbourne's shoddy service, tired decor, and tasteless treats, one hidden laneway at a time.

Anyhow, I was thrilled that I won their Chai Mamma giveway and have some packs of free chai headed my way! This news of course was counter balanced by the discovery of a weekend suicide-drowning of a full grown cockroach in my coffee cup at work. I'm not easily disgusted when it comes to plates and cutlery (just ask Kitty) but oh YUCK!!!

We had our friends Glenn and Ness over for Australia-Edition monopoly, some other games and home-made thai dinner. They're a hoot, hopefully we'll put up some pictures soon. I reckon Kitty and Ness are long lost sisters, they're so similar, but I'd probably flattering myself to compare myself to Glenn.


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  1. Great afternoon / evening with you both. Thanks for your kind hospitality. Kitty the Thai food was just delicious, and Tom thanks for the arse kicking in Monopoly.

    Will get you some photos soon once I download them onto the laptop in the coming days. Hope to catch up again soon with both of you and hope you enjoyed the tunes on the disk.