Saturday, February 6, 2010

Movie Dancing

This dance instructor had a great smile, and abs! I convinced Tom take his hat and sunglasses off for the sake of capturing details of his expressions for blog plan backfired.

The video we took of my"Dirty Dancing" looked like I had something stuck on both my shoes that I was trying to shake off. I guess that's dirty.


We went to a dance class downtown at the Docklands marina today which was great fun. Learned Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire, Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing and Michael Jackson's Thriller. I had trouble with my zombie march, though I love making those spooky arms. Tom is a good little moon walker.

One of the instructors had just come back from being on So You Think You Can Dance Australia. It's like So You Think You Can Dance (America), but the contestants outfits are slightly more garish, slightly less fashionable and they all talk adorably. Good incentive to keep us dancing if that's where they got these abs.

Next week, my ladies group is all going and we're going to add an ABBA song from Muriel's Wedding and Saturday Night Fever.

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