Thursday, February 11, 2010

life after people

I think Kitty watches a lot of documentaries. In particular she likes watching the show "Intervention", a reality show where people have addictions and their loved ones try to get them into treatment. A couple months ago we drew up a story board of a clip we wanted to make of us doing an intervention on her addiction for watching too much Intervention (until we realized it's already been done!). One scene involves me cracking open the door on a dimly lit bedroom, her ashen face lit by the glow of her laptop. She ignores to my pleas that I felt she was turning into a mushroom. The only response I can get from her is a faint sneer/growl when I get too close to her bedside chocolate.

So this morning when I was getting ready to head out to work I heard some new documentary in the bedroom. After listening for a bit I realized that it was a combination of "how it works" and "life without people". Some of these post apocalyptic shows talk about how long it would take for grass to recapture the pavement or how long until hoover dam burst with no people around.

This show was talking about what would happen after the disappearance of all people on Earth to... wait for it... "the holidays". It was complete with dramatic narrator whose tone was a combination of drama, pity and something sinister. Your natural Christmas tree would wither and decompose... but how long would your artificial Christmas tree last? Cue the brief history of artificial trees... a few shots of the artificial tree factory... simulated time-lapse video of tree decomposing. And those large breasted Turkeys bred for Thanksgiving? How long do you think they'd last in the wild? Let me tell you... Not long at all (buh bah bum)!

I was incredulous.... yet at the same time somewhat impressed. I give her points for being a completest. I never thought she'd finally watch her way to the end of all the material the Internet! We'll have to wait for tomorrow when they come out with new material. I'm picturing the reality show about where-are-they-now celebrities' overweight dogs after the apocalypse. How long do you think they'd last in the wild? Not long at all (buh bah bum)!

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