Saturday, February 6, 2010

Toffee the Cat

This is Toffee. She belongs to a friend from my classics book club who is getting married in July, resulting in a lot of details that culminate in Toffee needing to find a new home. He is a terribly friendly, smart, furry, affectionate cat. We went to meet him today. You know you've found a great cat when he happily lets Tom flip him over backwards and sing his "how not to hold a cat" song while he rubs his tummy and tickles his paws.

We know we plan to stay here for a while, that we loved having pets and that we'll want some fur children to love and care for. No commitment yet, but when certain people get a job and certain people get their own house, certain cats may possibly get adopted by certain people.

Tom was all smiles while we visited Toffee - that is like borderline hysteria for Mr. Stoic Composure Guy, so I hope it does work out.

1 comment:

  1. Tom, your looking very comfortable there holding Toffee !

    Cat are just awesome. I'm somewhat bias having 3 cats, well actually we now have 4 cats now having fostered a little runt of the litter called SIREN. 5 months old and she still is like a little kitten of about 12 weeks old.

    Best of luck with your quest of finding a furry companion when the time is right for you guys !