Sunday, January 10, 2010

Swing dancing and baby luke

It was a full weekend and we just got back from the first free summer concert/dancing in the park. It's put on by the city, happens every week, and round about 500-800 show up for it. They give fun basic lessons on a particular kind of dance and everyone lines up and does it as a group. That's how we got hooked on Bollywood dancing last summer and eventually ended up taking a class in it. This time around it was Swing dancing and we went with our dear Iranian immigrant friends Sepehr and Azadeh.
They kicked up a storm most of the evening, but I was sidelined after I just couldn't get rid of my "spaghetti arms". When Kitty held up my arm and pressed hers against it, I was supposed to give her tension by pushing back. Instead, when she pressed, I would yield and we would fall over. I suspect there's some completely obvious dancing-relationship metaphor in there but I can't quite put my finger on it.

We also went to visit our friend Catherine and her baby boy Luke. He's just picture perfect, here he's delighting at a perfect sip of aeropress.

Later we saw Herb and Dorothy, an excellent documentary about two elderly art collectors. Here's the trailer:

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