Sunday, January 31, 2010


In my earlier search, I overlooked this one
The 2001 "International Year of the Volunteer" dollar. I had found the 2003 "Australia Year of the Volunteer". You have to wonder if the "committee for the year of the volunteers" gets paid.

Volunteering is an important cause given that it also got a 50 cent piece. It features a kaleidoscope of volunteers from emergency services, meals on wheels, shelters, charities (e.g. clothes donations), conservationists, sports volunteers, big brother/big sister, firefighters, and surf lifesavers.

It doesn't stop there. There's also the 2003 Australia year of the volunteer 20 cent piece. They don't just hand out 20 cent pieces. Not even the queen has a commemorative 20 cent coin!

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  1. Hey i see your 2001 year fo the volunteer coin, however im wondering if anyone know where i can find that cd that came out that yers about the year of the volunteer idk if anyone remembers but it was a cd with songs by many artist around the worl, i would like a copy and i cant find anything!