Monday, February 2, 2009

Hooray for Bollywood (dancing)

Last night we went on a picnic and concert with Beth and Dave Ebert in a downtown park. 

Before the world-drumming bit, they had a Bollywood dance lesson.  All that time in India and we didn't learn to shake or shimmy our, um, big old bollys.  As it turns out, Tom has this Indian dancer, deep inside, that was just waiting for a park full of a few thousand people to set it free. 

So far all we know is "Pulp fiction - Scarecrow - Do The Laundry - Peg it Up - Change the Lightbulb and Pet the Dog".  They taught "Warrior" while I was fetching the camera.  Strangely, I can only "Warrior" in one direction.  I can't make a circle in the air with my left hand and point with my right hand at the same time.  Just attempting this nearly makes me fall down in confusion (humiliation?). Turns out a lot of other people have the same problem.  I wonder if my left arm is sad that it's essentially just a vestigial limb.  

Speaking of neglect, I'm still holding out for a full surgical body lift in lieu of engaging in any kind of regular exercise.  Tom seems to think that lifting weights might be first line of offense to tone up my arms.  I donno....I think the flapping wings here add a whole 'nother dimension to the dance.

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  1. Shake it baby shake it.
    O my, Tom is a natural Indian.