Monday, January 11, 2010

heat hunting 2010

Back in Arizona I used to roam around with my office mate to see if we could find the hottest spot on the hottest day of the year. Last year, at the height of the record-breaking heat wave, I tried to see what would be the hottest for Melbourne. I was looking for something big and metal and eventually found a slab at a construction site that registered 145.5 F/63 C.

Today looked like it was going to be a scorcher, so this morning I called in sick with a terrible "cold". Right around 4:30 when it appeared like the airport temperature had reached its peak (110 F, 43C), I donned my cashmere wool overcoat and hat and set out.

First stop was the tram rails at Chapel and Toorak. In theory, a great spot, but I think I'm going to give up on this one. I only had the thermometer down for half a minute before the cars at the stoplight started to honk.

Where the construction site was last year, there's a skyscraper now. On the first floor is the Outpost Cafe, a high end coffee place that has a fancy contraption that makes a cup of coffee, one drip at a time over about 4 hours.

Those black metal plates below the windows were just about perfect and they had been facing the sun all day. As I got closer I saw that a couple flies had foolishly landed on the wall and were burnt to a crisp on the spot!

And the verdict is...

165 F/ 74 C, blowing away my record last year by over 11 degrees C! In theory, that really is hot enough to cook an egg (>158 F, 70 C).

It was a banner day for old Salt and Pepper here- a grand time was had by most!

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