Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010!

Lots to catch up on here, it's been a whirlwind of a holiday... We're still recovering from New Years Eve. There was a "Roaring '20s Burlesque Show" at the Royal Melbourne Hotel. We had a pre-party at our place where everyone got into costume:
Katrina, Catherine, Debi, and Sara (Mustafa took the picture but sadly didn't join us later that evening).
Kitty went as "The Madam". She had a wig that itched and therefore was thrown on the floor with a shriek and a pout, so there was some last minute emergency hair arrangement that had to happen.
Debi and Sara are the organizers of the's "Ladies Lounge" Group, which has been a great way to make friends. Ladies get together and enjoy eachother's company, they're always off doing interesting events and activities around town.
Despite the background looking empty, downtown was completely chockablock with revelers. The tram would pull up and there would be an audible groan from the waiting crowd when the doors opened onto a veritable human terrine. It was like out of the cartoons, a leg sticking out here, an arm dangling there.
The Burlesque Show's website says this

"Happy New Year and thanks to all who participated in the Roaring Twenties Burlesque. All the performers, DJ and MC were exceptional and the full house audience was one of Melbourne's best dressed. According to our Burlesque spies the vibe was one of the best. If you left blue tassels and feathers, let us know and to the winner of the female 'Lovely Legs' send us an email. There's a reward to for the finder of the missing Bowler hat."

You know it's a good party when your Bowler hat goes walkies.

Looking back over the years, this NYE was probably the most fun we've had. With so much expectation, NYE can often seem like an anti-climax, but Melbourne really set it off in style. Great entertainment and a room full of friends you never knew you had. I kind of have a good feeling about 2010... I do have to say though that I'm quite disappointed that we're not yet riding around in hovercars and eating our food in pills. -- Tom

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