Thursday, June 25, 2009


this is post number 100... woohoo!

A while back I mentioned how we scanned all our old photographs and put them on a DVD. I was looking through them for a friend of mine in college and came across this gem

I would guess this is summer of 1993 after my freshman year of college. That's me on the right and on the left is my high school friend (different friend from above) Kendra Tgettis/Hutchins. I was visiting her and her husband Peter in Massachusetts.

She used to write for my literary magazine, The Outer Fringe. She was a great writer and I was a big fan and had some of her poems memorized. She had an inspirational story too. Her parents were Jehovah's Witnesses and her father wasn't going to let her go to college. Eventually she broke off from her family, worked at several jobs at once (one of which was a bakery if memory serves) and was eventually able to pay her own way through Bennington College. I think at one point she moved to England.

Sadly, we haven't kept in touch. This photo was taken by Peter when we went to an outdoor Shakespeare festival. Before the play started we were wandering around in the woods in the background. That's the day I discovered what stinging nettles are, never heard of them before. Our legs were itching like crazy, which is what's going in the photo.

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