Saturday, June 20, 2009


In a couple weeks we're going to Cairns near the great barrier reef. Today I took my first class towards a PADI open water scuba certification. I'm taking it at Aquatic Adventures' Academy of Scuba. Whenever I say the name, I keep picturing Plato signaling to ascend where Aristotle is gesturing for a safety stop.

There's four classes in total over two weekends. One (today) in the classroom, tomorrow in the pool and next saturday and sunday out at the ocean. I did pretty good in the class, got 47 out of 50 on the final exam. I do have to say though, I was sitting next to the class-star Renee, a beauty therapist originally from New Zealand. I've taken grad school oceanography courses and could tell you about Ekman pumping and all that... but she could bark out the answers to dive-table questions like Rain Man.

Everyone was quite friendly and excited about what they're doing. People seem particularly excited about diving now in winter because the visibility is so high (pay no mind that the water's 50 degrees).

I read a lot that the secret to getting over culture shock is to join clubs. Who knows, this might be the good thing I need. I'm totally knackered from work. I've been reading, researching, analyzing, writing, reporting, etc all day all night for what seems like weeks now. It's all coming to a head in about 10 days when my first big deliverable is due, a huge report that I'm still trying to get results for while I write it. I think I'll be amazed to make it through all in one piece. Christine's been a real trooper putting up with all of it.

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