Thursday, July 2, 2009

Trivia night

A couple days ago we went to pub trivia at the Corner Bar. Our friend Melissa is a trivia maven, but unfortunately she couldn't make it. It was Tom and Aimee and Sara and me. Step one for a trivia game... Get yourself a name. We had a couple in the running...

Sheik, Sheik Djibouti
Lance Boyle and the Pop Tarts
That Dog's Got Parvo
Chairman Meow and the Right Guards

It was a cool scene, lots of people into it. I do think that i-phoning and texting during trivia is like, yknow, not fair. I guess? But in a real survival situation, I would definitely go with the person with a web connection.

3 rounds of trivia, most of which were TV, celebs, movies, music and so on. We never fully grasped just how is out there that we don't know we don't know about it. Can't exactly call it an all-out rout. Tom went in, his brain throbbing with knoweldge... 3 questions in I think I heard the sound of a balloon rudely deflating. The only answers he knew were about Prince. Otherwise, about as useless as a screen door on a submarine. He was kicking himself for missing "what movie centers around the town of Gobblers Knob" question (can you name it?)

Aimee and Sara tried to hold our weight... But when it came to questions like "Men at work's smash hit 'Down under' is the subject of a court battle- What song are they accused of copying?"

All in all though, I think this made us want to redouble our efforts to catch up on australian TV. We try and we try...

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