Wednesday, June 24, 2009

towering clouds

Today I worked from home trying to finish up a major report. I'm really pretty stunned that I've been able to bang out 50 single-spaced pages in just under 10 days, most of which were either spent at scuba, bollywood, at a workshop downtown at the Bureau or losing at Killer Bunnies to Christine. I think now the tedious part starts, formatting references, table of contents and all that. I heard a story that Kerouac wrote On The Road on one giant scroll in a three week tear- I can't imagine what it'd be like to have to type all this by hand.

One nice thing about today was working near a window with a view. I searched around for the camera with no luck, but the clouds have been laughingly pretty today. They could be straight out of a hudson river valley school painting. Now, at sunset, the convective towers have blown out the top, the low angle light is filtering through the virga. Long bands are turning the pastels of sandstone deserts.

No doubt, everybody goes in for the giant cauliflower-head clouds. But I think after seeing time-lapsed videos of the skies over Tucson, I can appreciate how graceful cirrus clouds can be. They're just moving too slow to have that wow-factor.

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