Sunday, March 7, 2010

Whirling hail

John McBride of the Bureau of Meteorology took this video of a massive hail storm/flooding in Melbourne today. The airport registered a 100 km/hour wind gust. There's been two reports of 10 cm (4 inch) hail in Ferntree gully. Parts of the ceiling collapsed in two of the railway stations downtown. Here's a picture of the rain rushing in the roof. More at this gallery.

It was just straight up daffy. We thought our skylight was going to crash in. Water leaked in the windows in about 4 places. The rain was bouncing off the tall buildings nearby and creating this whirlwind of a wall of water in the sky. Before the event was the eeriest deep green blue sky. When it broke, the sound of the hail was deafening, we couldn't hear eachother talk inside the apartment.


  1. An amazing the amount of water and hail that hit the city and many other suburbs. Out here in Croydon North, we were pretty lucky and didn't really get that much rain, but I could see the ominous green and black clouds swirl around in the distance as it came from the city direction.
    Hopefully tonight isn't going to be a repeat.

  2. No... we want a repeat, so that we know we made the right decision to bail on Zoo Twilights... Let it Rain down on me!!