Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thinking of quitting?

This is post number 200! Woohoo!

Today in the canteen/cafeteria I saw a bulletin board with the typical workplace propaganda on it. One thing caught my eye that said "Thinking of quitting?" I thought... well, that's pretty bold. Across campus there are all these posters saying "Are you leaving us?" with a picture of a penguin (for what reason I'm not sure... maybe for the image of waddling away). They advertise the CSIRO alumni association for people who have departed from service. I can understand wanting to retain staff, but I didn't know we had a "quitting" problem that required an agency campaign.

They also had these small colorful business cards that said "Remember the 4Ds". Presumably it was a card to put in your wallet to refer to now and then.

"Delay - for at least five minutes, the urge will pass." There's been times I've been tempted to quit, but I can't say five minutes really helped. Usually I have to go home and cry myself to sleep and then I feel better in the morning.

"Deep breathe - breathe slowly and deeply" I was expecting the next D to be "Don't bring a shotgun to work on your last day"

"Do something else - keep your hands busy" Working harder will set you free.

"Drink water - take time out, sip slowly" That really helps? It has to be slow sips to regain my will to go on?

Below the this there was a "Quitline" phone number. Did this mean people were standing by, ready to talk you out of quitting work? What does the Union have to say about this!

I was at a loss for words. But then at the very bottom I saw this stick looking thing with a burning ember at the end, with a buster symbol drawn through it and realized what was going on. Dawn shone on Marblehead.

Refer to my last post if you still don't get it.

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