Saturday, August 15, 2009


We're going through a massive windstorm right now. There have been gusts of 90 km per hour (55 mph) out at the coast. All day the apartment has been creaking and it almost sounds like things are being blown off the roof.

I'm a big fan of Andrew Watkins' weather page that shows the current temperature and forecasts for melbourne. However I think this page is also fantastic, all you'd want to look at for melbourne's weather for the last week.

One thing caught my eye today. Down in the far corner of the weekly summary there was this:

Tomorrow will have two more minutes of sunshine than today. Sweet! How's that for simple pleasures?

Christine is sleeping. Her snoring sounds like a lumber mill. If we had a pet, I think it might be scared right now.... Speaking of which, here's a nugget of data- old men snore more. Who knew?

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