Thursday, August 13, 2009

Devilish Tasmania

In Tasmania, we visited a Tasmanian Devil Sanctuary. Apparently about half the devil population has been wiped off the island due to a mouth cancer epidemic. They develop ulcers that spread across their entire heads and eventually starve to death - horrid. They're pretty cute little devils and you'd think they'd give a good cuddle...though they tend to be some labile mood wise. Ah, I've found my people. :) Oddly, they look almost identical to my little half Chihuahua / half foxy terrier dog friend, Ollie. Hmmm.
The park also had a bird show. We're not huge bird fans, actually. I'm afraid of pigeons and seagulls (same as any kind of airborne balls in team sports - meh) - they smack of "flying rats" to me. The giant emu's and cassowaries here are pretty impressive though. Anyway, we met another cool bird at the devil park, a Tawny Frogmouth. Although it looks somewhat like an owl, it doesn't catch prey with its has long pokey whiskers on its face and it just sits still and waits for some yummy morsel to present itself around its mouth....effortless snacking - now there's a species I can relate to.

Speedboat trip to Tasman island with our new friend from the US, Rick.... rough seas, lots of seal spotting, they loaned us foul weather suits that really kept us warm. One of the staff later mentioned that they cost $400 each - we missed them as soon as we took them off to board the bus back to the car.

Wish I'd had one when I drove up Mt. Wellington and saw SNOW for the first time since we moved here. It's not just a great pastry wrapped beef dish, Wellington, but also a stunning view of Hobart.

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