Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Piers in spaaace...

Ho hum, not much going on today. Just more of the ushe. Trying to remember if anything cool happened. Oh, wait... I know... I met an astronaut!!!

Piers Sellers is a famous climate scientist who is also an astronaut. He was at a GEWEX conference in Melbourne where I gave a talk this morning. He was giving the keynote speech to the plenary openning session. We got to chat at the reception tonight. His vigorous handshake and beaming smile left me a bit wondering if he had me consfused with that other Thomas "S" Pagano that works for NASA. But straight up fascinating guy.

I asked him about his space walks, I had heard that it's a life changing event. His response "mnn, not really.... Now having a kid?...Getting fired from a job? Those are life changing events.".

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