Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Great Ocean Road Tour July 09

Tom's mom, Ruth, arrived on Friday. Our friend, Mel, and I took her on a two day trip down the Great Ocean Road, complete with 34 koala "bear" sightings (every American shows up talking about those crazy "bears"), a helicopter ride over the 12 Apostles, and quite a lot of snacking. Tom stayed back in Melbourne with his honey-do list and to go earn the fun coupons.

Trivia bytes from the journey:
  • Three Paganos cannot eat a two kilogram lobster in one sitting, but we will try.
  • Male echidnas have a five pointed penis (nice animal 'husbandry', huh?) (get it?).
  • There never were 12 actual Apostles (limestone monoliths) - there were only 9, and even those still keep falling down. They were originally called "Sow and Piglets", but someone decided the biblical reference would be a sweet marketing move.
  • The youngest person we can find a gravestone for in the Lock Ard cemetery was eight years old, but he wasn't part of the shipwreck. Still, sad.
On the second day, being the self-improving type of girls we are, we all set goals for each other..."get a lot of walking on the beach in", "eat healthier", "don't be such a chatterbox who speaks in one giant run-on sentence", "make a video of yourself doing at least 10 dances", etc.... it is...the latest Kitty-0 Video:

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