Sunday, February 22, 2009

What kinds of things have you been doing?

Some photos of things we've done the past few weeks:

Our friend Jeannie is a flight attendant and was able to jump seat herself up this way. It was thrilling to understand every single word someone says, even for a short time. 

There are hidden restaurants and adorable little bars all over downtown.  The secret "locals only" instructions to party at this former insane asylum were to "go down an alley, turn left at the dumpster, go down a smaller alley, watch for the sewer stream, become certain that you are both not going to make it and be killed, go down another alley, then you know you're there." We went during the daytime for safety's sake.  Another one called "Eurotrash" has a bed in lieu of tables.  Boggles the mind what the place is like on a busy Saturday night.

At the beach in Barwon Heads, about an hour south of town near Geelong.  Reminded me of Portland, whenever we went to the coast, always thinking, "We're an hour away and we don't come here EVERY weekend, why?!".

Ever since we got here, I've been going on about my desperate wish to hug a koala.  Technically, it's illegal for anyone other than park rangers to hold one, thus the green uniform he's curled around.  Actually, Andy, here, let me get pretty close and I was able to pet him, which was one of my best moments since we arrived.  Andy had a vacant look in his eyes that reminded me of a welder I once dated.  At least with, say, a golden retriever you can infer a hypnotic "give me a treat, give me a treat" mantra.  Not Andy.  He occasionally shifted his head at a glacial speed and yawned a few times.  I think the adorableness might start to wear off after a while; he seemed kind of all take and no give, like the kind of cute that would want to borrow money before too long.  

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