Friday, February 20, 2009


Last night we went to the St Kilda OpenAir movie theater. It's right on the ocean on a rooftop and they provide bean bags or beach chairs to sit on. A band plays beforehand and they also roam around with free food and drinks. A guy came around with a plate of sushi and asked if I wanted a piece, so I took one for myself, looked over to Christine and then took one for her. The server then replied in a slightly concerned way, but also with a vaguely french accent, that "but sir, there are a very many people here tonight and not so very many pieces". I was totally flummoxed. You'd think I had cleared the entire plate into my pouch like a pelican, the top half of my bill clacking away on the empty white plate while I searched for garnishes.

We saw Slumdog Millionaire which I think we can recommend without reservation. I'm not big on spoilers, but it brought back many memories of India. Christine read that the ending was quite unexpected, but I think she was a little disappointed that it wasn't more unexpected, like the main character getting eaten by a landshark. I think the best part of it all was watching the sunset from the roof and sitting out in the open air. When the sun went down the seaguls were circling around the light from the theater and screen, making them seem like oversized shooting stars.

This gallery gives a good idea of what the place is like. I guess outdoor movie theaters are big here. There's the moonlight cinema at the botanical gardens and the rooftop theater playing shows all the time (where we went to go see A complete history of my sexual failures on Valentine's day).

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