Saturday, October 17, 2009

Travel is all about discovery and personal growth.

It's about trying new things you didn't even know possible. And I think I'm really sucking the marrow from the bones of this amazing trip...branching out...taking risks, doing things I never thought possible. As a spa client, particularly.

Today I had a vat of Garra Rufa (miniature carp, really) nibble off my dead skin cells. My feet are so clean you could eat off them, though I'm reminded that the custom is for the soles of your feet to face downward in Thailand.

To think, only a few days ago, I was having kittens over the leaches we all got swimming under a waterfall. Maybe tomorrow I'll flush out some nice fly larva to clean up the puss filled scabs from my bed bug attacks. (Note the attractive Thai massage bruises on my right arm. Not sure what animal helper to enlist there.)

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