Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Project Koh Samui

Trigger fish - Moray Eel - Me in lower left, with dolphin-esque steamlined form - Me making water angels

There's a funny bit in the movie "Meet the Fockers" where Ben Stiller accuses his new father-in-law, Robert DeNiro, of continuing his career as a special agent. He has overheard something about "Project Koh Samui" and seen DeNiro exchanging passports with a stranger. It turns out the new in-laws are sending the bride and groom to a resort island south of the Thai mainland for their honeymoon. This is the first most people have heard of the island, Koh Samui.

There's also a funny bit about Stiller accidentally killing DeNiro's cat, Mr. Jinx, then painting a stripe on a look alike and trying to pass it off as Mr. Jinx. Tom doesn't laugh quite as much as I'd hope at that part, but that's a long story about a cat he used to have and it doesn't end well.

I went diving at three different sites yesterday, mostly just hoping to meet a whale shark. We didn't, but we saw a lot of other good sea life and the visibility was great. This whale shark image was taken previously by our dive photographer. They served real American-style BACON on board the boat. Tom and I have been lamenting the loss of bacon since the moment we entered Australia. We can only seem to find something that resembles fatty parboiled ham ***cough cough***.

No equipment problems and my breathing and buoyancy control are improving. I went head to head with an aggressive trigger fish, not realizing what was going on until my dive companions pointed it out later. Does it count as declaring war if I meant to come in peace? Apparently you are never to swim over them or they will attack. It was a long (11 hour) day on the boat and we played backgammon and listened to island-quintessential Bob Marley on the cruise home.

Whale Shark I didn't see - Buddha on the Mountain from ferry to Koh Samui - Important to keep up caloric intake for the day - BACON!!!! BACON!!!! BACON!!!!

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