Monday, July 19, 2010

New Cat

This is our new boy - we got him yesterday from the Keysborough cat shelter. He's 3 years old and his last owners moved house and "couldn't" bring him. We hoped to bring him home Saturday, but he was sneezing and had a runny eye, so the cat shelter lady told us he might have the flu, or even chlamydia, then made us hose down with antiseptic spray and banned us from playing with any more cats for the rest of the day. We left, tail between legs, in shame.

The shelter ladies said he is half Scottish Fold, but it looks like he didn't get the "fold" (folded ears) part...just the face fat, which is okay.

Here's what a purebred Scottish fold looks like:



Mommy is tormenting him. Look at that fat face.

He's such a pretty cat - every hue of gray. His whiskers are dark at the roots and white on the tips. Just like mommy! A little smudge of color on his nose and mouth makes him look like he's stepping out of a black and white photo.

We're not sure what he thinks about. He seems to like to just lay around and stare at the walls a lot. Just like Mommy!

Still working on a name for him. His name was "Smokey", although we've tried everything from schmokey, the smokester, smokearooni, golden-eye smokeopolis, kiki, puss, koala bear, ghost, casper (for casper weinberger), angel paws, Bob Barker, maru-san, Chairman Meow, nothing seems to stick. Anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. haha "Smokey" looks like an awesome cat to have as part of your family...well done guys on the choice and saving a cat even better !

    Can't wait to meet him...for a name suggestion, what about Mack ??? I know it sounds more like one of those tough dog breeds like a Rottweiler that would bite the ass out of your trousers if you sneezed in his direction, but the striped pattern on Smokey is actually called a Mackerel pattern, hence my idea of calling him Mack...

    I'm sure whatever name you choose, he will grow into it like ! Look forward to seeing the 3 of you sometime real soon guys.

    Much love.