Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Tom here again. This week's class involved more going out into the street and finding interesting scenes for about 20 minutes and coming back to discuss. He gave us a structured form to fit, and so here's some of the things I saw

She colors her hair
and gabs with the beautician
her man stands nearby
pacing near the door he looks
far too long in his wallet

A broken old man
hermit crabbed over yogurt
his spoon barely lifts
his mouth drops open slowly
lets it meander inside
then his eyes widen
his pace quickens near the end
he scrapes down the walls
intent on getting his fill
when satisfied he looks up
and lets out a silent sigh

(from a poster on the classroom wall)
cauliflower clouds
oppressive humidity
a featureless plain

Marge had the scrambled eggs
Ann had the mushrooms
Marge: "I don't think there's an end in sight"
Anne wondered if the wine bottles on the shelf,
arranged 3 deep, were in a particular order
alphabetical, by vintage, maybe even biographical.
"Nobody was prepared for it to go on for this long"
Anne sees a girl without sideburns
at the edge of her stool chewing too quickly
"You'd think nobody was in control" she clucked
A barista with coke bottle glasses wipes a spoon
with the edge of her neon pink surgeon's smock
"I think it's clear who should be responsible"
Anne notices an impatient blonde male behind the counter
biting his lower lip, he keeps his finger on the button
waiting for his shot to pull
The chrome coffeemaker rumbles on
his brow is the inverse of furrowed
A leather bracelet on one arm, she wonders why
his watch on the other is stopped, 3 hours late.

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