Sunday, September 13, 2009

Anniversary Weekend of Fun

Tom and I met on September 11, 2006. To keep things simple (and perhaps generate some more positive associations for poor "9/11"), we got married on September 11, 2007, though, like many of our friends, we aren't too hung up on the whole married label. I think it actually kind of makes us throw up a little in the back of our throats, our blatant failure to subvert the dominant paradigm. It did make immigrating easier. And I like knowing that my wishes will be carried out exactly should someone need to decide when to pull my plug. No heroics; anything worse than a hangnail, I'm not to be made to suffer.

Technically, we were married in Colorado, a rogue land where bride and groom can legally act as their own officiants. All you got to do is sign a form and mail it in. Nice. It was a busy time in our lives; corners were cut. Only Tom and I know if we were actually in Colorado when said form was signed and what day we signed it. According to our shared Google calendar, he was at a science convention in Hawaii and I was 5000 miles away, working (mmmnnn, er, sailing?) in Florida. That calendar must have gotten goofed up when we moved here and reset the time and date functions in our computers or something.

Point being: we celebrated our 3 year anniversary on Friday. And I do celebrate having met him, absolutely. Celebrating the date we got "married" seems a little, I don't know, random, you know like bins or public schools.

The weekend's festivities:
  • Rented a car. Tom did most of the driving this weekend. He also made me an anniversary mix music CD that I've been listening to while I drive around, still getting lost. I like this one, "Lua", by Bright Eyes. It's about heroin junkies apparently. (?!)
  • Went to Costco. Madhouse. I bought a metric ton of onions and pallet of kiwi fruits. Lately I've been grilling vegetables and then juicing them to make soups, like carrot/ginger or cauliflower/leek. The soups turn out so well that I keep threatening to "quit my job and just make soup all day". Tom just looks at me stoically when I say that; he laughs on the inside.
  • Had fab dinner here:

  • Went to a German Board Games Convention. It's rare for us to not feel like the very geekiest people in the room so this was a treat. We've been really getting into strategy board games lately. This was a group of about 50 other uber dorks and a few of our close friends, who got together for a weekend-long gaming marathon. Tom somehow got paired up with an irksome little 10 year old kid for a few hours too long, learning Race for The Galaxy, and Arkham Horror. I discovered all kinds of new passions, like a quick and easy dice game called Risk Express, TransEuropa and Honeybears. My friend Roger, the "Honey Bear King", said he'd never in all his life seen someone score quite so badly as I did. Yikes.
  • Played in a lawn bowls tournament. I'd never played lawn bowls before (or even heard of it). They paired us up alphabetically and my partner, Neil from Adelaide, was a compassionate coach. Would you believe Neil and I made the finals and were only one bowl short of winning the championship? Take that Honey Bears King! It's actually a fun sport for the summer and we hear there is a cool club in our neighborhood that we may look into joining this summer. Getting Tom to wear all white, though, I don't now.
  • Ordered a new sorbet/gelato/ice cream maker. Makes me want to quit my job and just make sorbet/gelato/ice cream all day. We swore we wouldn't let kitchen appliances take over our lives again yet still they creep on in.
  • Watched a kids' documentary about a walrus and a polar bear. I liked that the movie talks about how the artic ice is melting and how hard that is on the animals, then, at the end, they recommend ways you can help: wash your clothes in cold water, take shorter showers, eat fresh food instead of frozen. I hope it works. Anthropomorphizing cute baby animals is a genius angle.
  • Bought job interview clothes. My goal look is to be indistinguishable from Lucy Liu (you know, 1/2 Taiwanese, 5'2", 100 pounds). Tom was really sweet when I told him the fiscal damage. Never let it be said that I let thrift or the impossible stand in my way.
What I mostly did was think about where we've been and where we're going, what's working and not...kind of a velocity + position assessment.

What were you doing three years ago, today? Did you think everything would be what it is, now?

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