Sunday, May 10, 2009

Puffing Billy, A Train Ride

Every month or so, we rent a car for the weekend. Yesterday I went shopping with a girlfriend and we stocked up on bulky objects like an oil space heater, crock pot and a few metric tons of TP. That's just sad to have to make a special trip to the store for TP, lean thinking be damned.  Tom also got me a beautiful pair of kidskin elbow length gloves for our 32 month anniversary that is tomorrow. This will be the first he knows about it (thanks, Honey....they're PERFECT!). 

Today we all went to the Dandenong Mountain range, about an hour north of town and took the Puffing Billy train ride.  There were fabulous views. We stopped in a small town and found a scrumptious bakery before returning back to the starting point and then headed off to a skyline viewpoint site and heading home.  Let's hope I don't get any more speeding violations.  On the last day trip I got 2, which added up to almost $600 in fines and 5 demotion points (you can get 12 demotion points before you lose your license).  (I haven't gotten around to getting a license yet, will be interesting to see how that plays out when I do.)

The funnest thing about Puffing Billy is that they don't mind if you climb up on the gunwales of the cars and hang your feet out the side.  This was exhilarating while going over creakity old wooden bridges and it was fun to try to reach the local flora with our feet.  Hard to imagine being allowed such reckless abandon in American.  It was exciting enough that one could hardly escape the sense that it must be naughty, adding to the excitement, creating a positive reinforcement loop of foot swinging, train riding bliss.


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