Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Recently I've noticed two other things that are different here than from the US.

1. Cuss words on the radio. We don't have a TV, so we're not sure what's going on there. But sure enough, lyrics are uncensored and anyone who calls into a station can say whatever they want over the air. Even the slightest infraction in the US and you've have picket lines full of blue noses. It's true though, when something isn't taboo, it loses its power; It was surprising the first couple of times that it happened, but now the novelty is gone and it doesn't even happen that often.

2. People on the train listening to music. This one's a real baffler. I'm not talking about music in headphones. I'm talking about them putting their phone or something on speaker and filling the entire car with music. It's not even their favorite song for the necessary soundtrack to their lives, it's often just the radio. In the US, public transit is usually about as quiet as church, rarely do people talk to eachother, much less broadcast like that. Is music on the train rude? Still going back and forth on that one.

Christine tells me "you're perfect" when she breathes in, but when she exhales, it's usually "your manners when are ". She bought me a book on manners which is based on an australian radio show. It's an interesting read. Often times it seems that manners are a relic from a former age and times have changed and custom clashes with practice (e.g. everyone used to wear hats before the 1950s so it was rude to wear a hat indoors, but now nobody cares).

I found it particularly interesting that back in the day (i.e. before 1910's) nobody went to restaurants and most people spent their time at home. Nowadays, it seems like something is wrong if you're not out and about all the time.

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