Monday, March 2, 2009

The NOT Entertainment Book Motel

Last night we stayed at the beach in a motel I found in the Entertainment Book.  Though there are clearly good values to be found in there (water slides, movies, I don't know, McMuffins?), we've had mixed luck with lodging and dining experiences that come into our lives through those perforated pages.

For only $120 (extra $20 for an upgrade to a "SPA SUITE"), all this was all ours for the night:  

The circuit breaker reads "Warning: Not all wiring passing through these premises is controlled from this switchboard."  Meaning....?

Bathroom tile flower power. 

The "Spa" (lolly-pink bathtub with soiled non-skid strips peeling up). 

We do not want.

The mini-bar fridge was like a helicopter taking off. All night. 

Sanistrip....Lies, I tell you. Although the good part about finding other peoples' hair in the bathroom is that you don't worry that all of your own is falling out. 

The sticker on the phone proudly displays the 3.5 star rating.  View from our "patio".

At one point, I told Tom how I could see five giant spiders on the ceiling from where I was sitting. He could see six, and they weren't all the same as mine. We didn't know if they were venomous and wore all our clothes to bed. They turned out to be Pholcus phalangioides.

Black lacquered melamine, extruded lighting and brick---the design trilogy.

And there was this. 

We reminisced about cabins we stayed in as kids, how they always seemed to be in a state of partial completion and overrun with creepincrawlin things.  Somehow, camping seemed like it would have been a leg (or eight?) up from this. 


  1. HAHHAHAHHA...omg...I can imagine if there's an Aussie yelp what you are going to write for the review for this place.
    I love those koala pictures...cuteeee *pinch*

  2. OMG! Where the hell were you staying, and why? Urk.